Our goal is to simplify people’s lives the day of their move, bringing them happiness with a high and quality moving experience.

"The Allen and Son Moving Experience"

Our Values


We will form a strong, dependable relationship with each customer


Every experience will be executed with ease for each customer no matter the size or distance of the move.


We will form a strong, dependable relationship with each customer

Our Step by Step 

1. Phone Call:

Interview with Agent

2. Place assessment

3. Moving Day

4: End of Move:

Happy Customer

The Allen and Son Moving Experience

‘We pride ourselves with good customer service. Our equipment is always clean and operational. Our staff is trained to perform the best customer service in the industry.  Quality assurance department monitors 24/7 all of our jobs.’  Learn More.


Allen Burrus 

President of the Company

“For the last couple of days Allen and Son have been packing me and moving me, my experience has been great, they helped me packed everything I needed it. I trusted on their great job."

-Matt Judon

We differentiate ourselves by  helping you Save Time and Money: get things packed in less than a day

Expert Hands: We have 100/hours of monthly coaching and training to give the best service.

100% DISINFECTED daily, SAFE and GUARANTEED moving trucks and experienced movers.


Community Merchant of the year (The New Park Heights Community Development Corp)

Moving and storage of the year (AMERICAN MINORITY CONTRACTORS)

Community Award for Creating Jobs (Maryland house of Delegates)


Maryland Department of Transportation MDOT Cert# 09-300 member since 2009

City of Baltimore Cert# 12-358212 member since 2005

Naics Codes 


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