10 Ideas to Help You Anticipate Your Moving Day

People move and change places, long and local distance, for different reasons. For example, a new job offer arises, people want to visit family more often, empty nests, relationships, lifestyle, you want to upgrade your place. Most of them are planned with time and in advance. In any case, being organized always helps to have peace of mind on local and long-distance moving days.

Nevertheless, Allen and Son Moving and Storage moving company can offer to book you a moving day in less than one week, and their moving services will still guarantee you a stress-free experience.

This moving company wants the best for their customers; thus, they recommend having at least 15 days to plan a smooth and successful moving day.

Based on evidence and experience, Allen and Son Moving and Storage like to anticipate, and their main goal is to guarantee people to always feel great and ease the day of their move. Centered on our customer’s needs, for this very reason we have created the following moving to-do list that will help you think and organize details before your move day:

1. Some of the best days to move are Mondays to Thursdays, the most affordable time to move are mornings, weekdays, and off-season months. There is less demand for movers, taking the day off work will help you save money hiring movers. The most popular day is Friday, there are fewer movers with availability, car traffic is busy. Saturdays is the most popular day to move and based on the demand it can cost more.

2. Make an inventory of your belongings: this will help you keep track of everything you own. You will find things you do no longer use or need; it is a good moment to declutter and donate. This will help you free yourself, gain space and efficiency on a moving day.

3. Measure the furniture you are moving. This can help you calculate the new spaces and know how much material you need to protect the furniture.

4. Organize a moving folder box for all the paperwork. Also, we recommend you keep all important documents organized and filed.

5. Start packing with anticipation items you will not use, like decorations, artwork, and photos in picture frames.

6. Start collecting and label moving boxes. Some boxes you will find for free in places like cafes, grocery stores, public schools, and bookstores. Also, once you book your moving service with Allen and Son you will get 25 boxes for free.

7. Be ready to inform your cable, electricity gas, and internet providers about the change of address. Informing the providers 3 weeks ahead will help you simplify and be organized. Also, inform your health facilities to transfer medical and prescription records. (i.e: Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy)

8. Prepare your kitchen. Clear the pantry, clean the house, empty, defrost the refrigerator and freezer, some days before you are planning to move. We always invite people to donate their non-perishable items to a food bank. We encourage customers to donate and we transport them to the organization Move for Hunger.

9. Find a Trustworthy moving company and guide your movers to your new moving address. Communicate to them all what you expect from the moving service. The moving company Allen and Son Moving and Storage have expertise in personalizing moving needs.

10. If you are planning a long-distance move, and you are planning to move with kids, prepare a start-up kit, change of clothes, some games, and toys. Prepare some snacks or lunch bags to keep yourself and/or the kids with energy and comfortable.

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