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Moving Services

The Allen and Son Moving Experience:


1.Our moving experiences are executed having the goal of satisfying the needs of each customer. We make sure to cover and complete the moving process from beginning to end. Customers can call the company any time during the day. Immediately the call will be directed to our expert moving service agents. In addition, customers can fill out a contact form through the website, and in less than 24 hours they will be contacted back. Specific details will be asked by the agents to provide you with a good moving estimate. At times, it is recommended that the moving agent visit your house to provide you with a good assessment and give you the most reasonable moving estimate. Furthermore, appointments can be booked within 24 hours. That is how efficient we are!

2.Our moving services are time and cost efficient. Our employees are trained in local and long distance moving. Most of our employees have had working with the company for many years. We count with experienced personnel and a strong work force that understands a local and long-distance moves, providing consistent high, high level of moving service, and professionalism along the way.

3.Our team of moving specialists are equipped with the newest trucks on the market. They are certified and in compliance with safety standards and practices. They will counsel you through the entire moving and transportation process. Our trucks vary in sizes, updated in technology, and are always disinfected. Along with the moving services, we follow up with questions, concerns or any moving need or moving help to settle in less time. An open and constant communication is something that we value and keep throughout your moving process.

We care, and we are happy to provide you a great moving service!