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It may be believed that we are seeing the light at the end of this long pandemic filled tunnel. Once, an event that many individuals believed would just blow over, only to form into a mind blowing global event, Covid-19 is finally changing again, and for the good.

Last week the mandated mask rule was lifted in Maryland. Even other CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines have been reduced. No longer do restaurants and bars have to follow the rule of six feet apart between tables or require the barriers between booths. Other business restrictions have been lifted as well, including opening concert venues, even stadiums have opened up, just in time for baseball season.

It was a challenging year for many businesses and industries. Working in the moving industry in Maryland brought us many lessons. We learned and responded to all the CDC and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommendations. We created new routines, and cleanliness habits. To maintain the standards of one of the best moving companies in Maryland, and best movers in Baltimore, we created the following protocol to disinfect our trucks, and the areas of highest priorities:

We determine the areas to be disinfected and prioritize frequently touched surfaces. Our professional movers use personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate for cleaners and disinfectants.

  • We use Vital Oxide to kill harmful bacteria on hard and soft surfaces. This is an EPA (Environmental Protective Agency)-approved disinfectant against COVID-19.

  • ​We make sure that all surfaces are in good condition as well as disinfect routinely and in well-ventilated spaces.

  • Our moving services and professional movers deal with everything from the removal of cleaning consumables – like mops, fabrics, and brushes, to purify our reusable hardware utilizing Vital Oxide and chlorine-based sanitizers

Where are masks still required?

There are still locations that require you to wear a mask, but that is okay, we are all working together to slow down the spread, and it is clearly working. Some establishments may require masks to be worn and to work as a team, we should respect the business’s decision. Public transportation, like buses, airports (as well as the planes) and trains will also still require face masks due to the close proximity of passengers.

Now some of the restrictions are different depending on what county you live in, or even state. Some counties are still going by continuing the usage of face masks like Prince George county. Even specific cities may have decided to keep the mask requirement, such as Baltimore City. This requirement will continue to take place until more citizens receive the vaccine. This month, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia will also waive the face coverings requirement. Even Universities will be returning back to classes on campus in the fall.

Who should continue wearing masks?

While the face coverings rule is being removed, it is best to keep in consideration that if you are someone who has not finished getting your vaccination and are waiting on the second shot. Even then, after receiving your final shot, it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to take effect and it is highly recommended to continue wearing the mask even then. Masks will always be good to use in crowds to prevent illness and virus transmission. Our professional movers are still responsible to wear a mask and implement it in every moving service.

This health crisis brought us a lot of awareness about the importance of self-care, and prioritized our own health. All the measurements, about social distance, wearing a mask, having the vaccine, setting up cleanliness habits are all prevention measurements to improve the conditions for healthy living.

As a moving company in Maryland we care about our customers and our main objective is to improve their quality of life when moving and the days after. With all our implementations and recommendations, 2020 was a positive year and also allowed us to think about new opportunities and markets like moving to Florida. We always try to bring up the best in every experience.

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