How Can Feng Shui Impact Your New Place?

There are a lot of expectations about moving to a new place. Thinking about the new area and how to decorate it, is one of the main reasons why people feel motivated about moving. People get excited about changes, especially on how to make their new place look more appealing and how it can benefit their lives. We all like to feel good, improve our wellness and life conditions. Therefore, we have done some research about Feng Shui, a 4000 year old ancient tradition, style decoration from China, that has improved many people’s lives, including celebrities like: Oprah Winfrey.

“Employing Feng Shui tips can help you get out of your own way to find what it is you are really meant to do. And once you discover this, the pieces will fall into place. Other people have found their calling, but their environment is not in alignment with that purpose. Feng Shui can help with that, too.” Oprah Winfrey

The word Feng means wind, Shui water, both are natural elements for energy cultivation. Understanding “Chi” as an universal energy that can easily get stucked or unbalanced, when things are misplaced and in the wrong place, can easily ruin and block the positive energy from the place and ends up being blockages in your life. This ancient and wise tradition understands how to make use of the earth elements and cardinal points to potentialize the universal energy to help you live healthy, happy and wealth.

Energy cultivation comes in different ways and practices. When we become physically strengthened, emotionally connected, mentally focused, spiritually aligned and energetically vitalized our creativity and empowerment towards life changes. The Feng Shui is about energy, harmonizing spaces, making use of the correct earth elements to bring balance, avoid negativity, to flow with life in a positive and healthy way. Feng Shui consists of balancing the Chi energy from your place, designing your house plans, spaces with balance, so your place will be comfortable and energy will flow in a positive way. Chi (Qi or Ki) represents the universal energy of how life was created. Feng Shui harmonizes your place.

So, how to organize your new house according to Feng Shui?

First you have to start to recognize and think about the house’s cardinal points. In Feng Shui each cardinal point is related to an earth element, color and areas of life. Practitioners use a compass to guide themselves, and the front door is mainly the reference to understand the north of the place. Feng Shui can be practiced in different spaces, like gardens, rooms.


Think about placing your Front Door and the bottom of the compass, you will better understand how each place should be decorated, what elements and colors should be considered and what it represents.

Think about the area of your life you want to improve and how better relocation you can do in your place with the things you have and why not think about treating yourself to something new. You can play and make use of colors in different objects, and also related earth elements like wood, water, candles to decorate the area.

Allen and Son Moving and Storage, with thirty years of experience working in the moving industry and serving moving people, wants to provide you with advice and all the necessary tools, to bring excitement to your move and make your new place a better place to live.

Some quick Feng Shui Tips to improve the energy at your place:

  • Avoid chaos with clutter in every corner.

  • Make cleaning routines, like recycling and getting rid of things you don’t longer use.

  • Start learning about plants and how they can benefit you.

  • If you enter the door squeak or whine, oil any door hinges, and create more positive energy when you enter and leave the house.

  • Water should be flowing towards the center of your home.

  • The space above the kitchen cabinets attracts dust and stagnated energy, placing some plants above the kitchen cabinets to bring life and transform the energy.

  • Keep the bathroom door closed. Since water is related to wealth, we don’t want our money being flushed.

  • Place your bed diagonal in command to your front door, which means that you are in command with your life.

  • Burn off all the old energy to welcome new chi. Burning palo santo, sage or spraying natural orange essential oil with water.

  • Clean all windows, they symbolize your eyes to the world.

  • Fix broken things.

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