How to Pack and Plan Efficiently for a Move

Your decision to move has been made, your moving day has been arranged, what follows is to think about when and how to start packing your households. Nobody wants to lose their peace of mind and feel stressed about it. Everyone wants magic to happen and find everything packed without noticing it and needing to pay extra. The good news is Allen and Son Moving and Storage has developed a moving help guide to make your packing experience easier and less complicated.

Professional Packing vs Manual Packing:

When in need of packing help, one of the most frequent and commonly asked questions is whether to hire a packing service with professional packers or doing the packing manually. Generally, packing takes time and if you are inexperienced it can be time-consuming and become very stressful.

On the other hand, professional packers work flawlessly based on their experience. Their techniques will give you that feeling of comfort and stress-free, by keeping all your belongings safe, save time and avoid mishaps.

Start thinking about finding Moving Supplies or Packing Materials:

Make the correct choice when picking up moving boxes. You can ask family and friends to provide you with some. Also, most restaurants or stores, from the inventory they receive end up accumulating a lot of boxes to recycle. Boxes must be in good quality, in good conditions and preferably of varying sizes. You can always purchase them from any moving companies in Maryland, and if you decide to book your moving services with Allen and Son Moving and Storage, they can give you 25 FREE packing boxes.

Here are some of the boxes and sizes the company Allen and Son Moving and Storage recommends:

1.5/SMALL box used for packing items, such as books and canned goods only.

3.0/MEDIUM box used for miscellaneous and non-fragile items such as pots, pans, games, folded clothing, small frame pictures, CPU’s keyboards, flat-screen monitors, power cords, small speakers, small lampshades, and lamps.

4.5/LARGE box used for packing light yet bulky items, such as pillows and comforters, sheets, clothes, shoes, large lamps, and shades.

DISH BOX is used for packing glassware, dishes, crystal, and other fragile items. Cushion the bottom of the box and in between layers with packing paper. Wrap items individually.

MIRROR BOX is used for packing large pictures, paintings, mirrors, and other large, flat glass items only.

Packing Tips - Type of Boxes

Think about buying bubble wrap and packing paper that is indispensable to cushion crystals, dishes, and delicate belongings. You want your household goods and delicate items to be protected and arrive in good conditions.

Having a box cutter, some packing tape, labeling markers, some scissors will help you along the way.

Moving room-by-room, packing checklist:

To begin your moving plan, think and write an inventory by prioritizing household items you consider important. This will help you remember and not forget items you need to move.

  • You can also group them depending on the area of the house where they belong to.

Before the professional packing services arrive, begin the plan with the least used room in your home. For example, first the garage or storage unit, then the basement, laundry room, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and lastly the kitchen.

Start with the things you no longer use and can be donated. Make another group of things you can throw away or recycle, lastly the things you are keeping and ready to be moved. Keep in mind this methodology for the rest of the house and start working on it at least 8 days before your moving day.

  • When you are ready to pack your belongings, group them wisely based on their functionality, for example, books and magazines together, kitchen supplies together. Do not make boxes too heavy.

  • If you have non-perishable food, you can always put them separately on a box and think about donating them. Allen and Son Moving and Storage can take them to the Organization Move for Hunger.

  • Use packing paper to wrap your dishes and bubble wrap dishes or any fragile household. Always use the proper size of boxes, especially for keeping the dishes safe.

  • Never put your jewelry in storage, always keep valuables with you when moving.

  • Use plastic bags to keep all bedding, pillows, and mattresses clean. Then place them in labeled moving boxes.

  • Think about defrosting your refrigerator at least 48 hours before moving out.

The company Allen and Son Moving and Storage is one of Baltimore’s best movers, always willing to help you at your convenience. Allen and Son Moving and Storage knows how to handle the packing services that will give you the peace of mind you need.

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