Living Alone vs Living with Roommates

For whatever reason, and at a random age, you will come across a time where you have to decide to move alone, or with roommates. Living with roommates could be family, or friends, or even people you met on the internet.

But, is it better to live alone or with a roommate? Well, there is no true answer. Whoever you ask, their answer will be different compared to another. Most of the time, it depends on the type of personality and the person’s priorities.

The moving company Allen and Son, one of the best moving companies in Baltimore, have noticed a tendency of people preferably moving into communities and living together rather than moving alone. Because of this, we decided to talk about the benefits of living alone vs the benefits of moving with roommates.

Benefits of Living Alone:

Living alone gives you tons of freedom. You have all the space of your home to yourself allowing you to just about lounge anywhere.

It’s not just about lounging around in every room though, you have privacy. You can sing out loud as much as you want, bad singer or not, and not have to worry about judgement from any one, aside from your neighbors. There will be no one around so you don’t have to worry about someone always looking over your shoulder when you’re working on a project you may not be ready to share just yet.

You may also decorate your home the way you want! Go wild and hang as many pictures as you want, or if you’re a collector of sorts, show off your collection. You have the luxury of making your home unapologetically you! The moving company in Maryland Allen and Son moving and storage can help you place anything where you want it to be.

Before you even start decorating though, choosing a moving company and deciding on packing services is the first step, and with you being the only individual moving into the home or apartment, any moving service you pick or decide on will be a breeze. The only labelling that will need to be done is to ensure you know where your own things are, and where they’ll be going. You’ll be avoiding the possible misfortune of getting your objects mixed up with anyone else because the place is all for yourself!

Living alone allows you to create your own house rules, and you’re the only one you have to worry about following those rules. With a roommate you may end up having to pick up after them and they may struggle to follow your set rules. It could even lead to fights and unnecessary confrontations causing stress and tension to fill the household. You also won’t have to worry about water usage or power usage under your roof. It’ll just be you and if you’re mindful of the amount of energy you use, it’s easy to keep the usage under control and train yourself.

With the benefit of living alone, it will be easier to adapt to a new work life. In the events such as the one we’re currently going through (Covid-19), a switch from going into the office to working from home will be a breeze. You’ll be able to set up your own little office wherever you want in your home, and you won’t have to worry about your work bothering anyone else.

In case you are needing services from a moving company, you can type in google “movers near me”.

Benefits of Living with Roommates:

Living alone isn’t your only option, and living with roommates isn’t a worst case scenario situation. There are individuals out there that much prefer the company of others, not to say those who live on their own are introverts. It could be for various reasons aside from their own mentality.

Having roommates means you have to split a lot of things including furniture usage, water and electricity, sometimes even food if you do grocery shopping together. But don’t be mistaken, sharing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Bills are split allowing you and your roommate to ideally be paying less than you would living on your own. This can also work with chores and when someone should clean up the home. Not everything falls on one individual. You will start creating and feeling the support from a community.

It’s not just the bills you can split and share the payments. Having a roommate can also benefit your mental health. If you had a long day at work or your day may have just been stressful all together, you could vent it out to your roommate, or do the same for them. While living alone may give you the peace and quiet you may want, having a roommate can benefit your mental health by sharing your feelings rather than keeping it all inside. Living alone also helps with safety. With roommates, if you are nervous about getting from your car to your home, you could have your roommate wait up for you or meet you outside.

Aside from sharing feelings, payments and safety, living with roommates helps your networking skills. You’ll be able to socialize longer and with more individuals. Plus, the friends and maybe family they bring over introduces you to new people allowing your acquaintance roster to grow and maybe even become friends. This works for them as well in return! It also helps with moving! The more people you know, the more people you may have to help you and your roommate move into your new home. Or, you hire professional movers like Allen & Son and split the cost of your move.

Whether you decide to move into a new home alone, or with roommates, Allen and Son moving services have professional movers to help you move in less time and with a peace of mind.

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