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Residential Moving
Local and Long-Distance

A professional and stress-free local and long-distance residential moving experience​

Luxury Home

  • Prior to loading your furniture and
    belongings, Allen and Son takes the time to
    make sure that each item is properly packed,
    listed for inventory and labeled for moving.
    For upholstered furniture, we use a durable,
    plastic stretch wrap to guard against potential
    damage from dirt and scratches. For other
    items, we use special packing to protect
    against shifting. Once prepped, your personal
    contents are systematically loaded onto our
    moving trucks where they will be transported
    to their new location.


  • Safety is a top-priority for Allen and Son and
    each of our moving trailers contains
    suspension systems with air ride protection.
    Our drivers are all licensed and certified with
    quality training and are committed to making
    sure your belongings are transported in a
    professional way.





  • After delivery, we take inventory during the
    unloading process to ensure that each item is
    accounted for. With your guidance and
    instruction, our trained movers will carefully
    place all your boxes and furniture into each
    room, and we will provide re-assembly
    services as requested.

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