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Miami, FL

2020 was a challenging and difficult year for many businesses. However, it also allowed us to analyze and venture into a new market with new opportunities. In 2021, we decided to take on a new challenge: to offer our moving services in Florida. 30 years of experience has allowed us to fully understand our clients, bringing them satisfaction, by generating trust and comfort.  Our main objective in Florida is to differentiate ourselves with our services, providing a timely and efficient moving service.

If you are moving in Florida, keep Allen and Son Moving and Storage in mind. We are professional movers, equipped and ready to be one of the best Miami movers. Our company has invested in a new range of moving trucks with a variety of sizes for our new opening in Florida. Over the years, Allen and Son Moving and Storage has developed experienced and dynamic trainings to coach and form the best moving crew in the area.  

We offer the following services:

  • Local Household Moving

  • Long-Distance Household Moving

  • Office Moving

  • Athlete Relocation

  • Professional Packing Services