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Professional Movers in New Jersey


Trustworthy and Consistent Moving Specialists to help you carry the weight and make your move stress-free. 


Trusted Local Movers in New Jersey.


You have probably seen Allen and Son Moving and Storage trucks on the roads of New Jersey, and chances of knowing someone we probably packed and moved. Allen and Son is one of the best moving company in New Jersey, habitants moving needs that rely on proficiency, straightforward, and on-time move. 


We have moved from household residentials to important diplomats, politicians, and we always give the same respect and attention whether is a short distance move or abroad. With 30 years of experience in local and long-distance moving, Allen and Son moving services have excelled and differentiated in New Jersey with great customer service.


A top local mover in New Jersey.


Allen and Son Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company offering personalized services in New Jersey. We have many years of experience and dedication in managing people that develop professionalism to ensure high customer satisfaction. All of your valued items Allen and Son will help them move safely. 


We care about what matters the most to you.


Allen and Son will assist you in moving your memories securely. We understand that you are moving more than just ‘stuff’. You are moving memories that make your home a home.


Allen and Son is your committed facilitator, within short or long-distance moves. Your single person of contact will layout and arrange your move, answer your inquiries, and guide you through everything from origin to destination. We consult with you before the moving process is started. You will be in complete control of what is taking place, as well as informed and updated about the different stages of your move. 


We have a team of moving experts to do the hard work that prepares and executes the services from the territories of your home. Our expert group will do the truly difficult work, including the pressing, stacking, and transporting. The number of individuals will change contingent upon what and when you are moving.


We offer proficient local and long-distance moving solutions for a wide range of moves in New Jersey.