Our exclusive “AirGlide Box-less Moving” system and office gondolas facilitate hassle-free location of files, documents, and books during an office move.  Box-less moving is what Allen & Son is known for – fast, easy and efficient.  Allen & Son Moving & Storage can deliver the AirGlide system and office gondolas to your office prior to the move so you can transfer your files directly onto the carts.   Everything is in order and accessible right up until move time; you and your company keep on working.  What normally would take several trips and several men take one or two, so you save downtime and money.  As soon as the gondolas are delivered they are accessible, and your folks can actually work off of them.  The gondolas unload again in a fraction of the time, and since you do not have stacks of boxes you avoid the moving hangover associated with a box or plastic crate move.  Make your office move a box-less and “crate-less” move and save money, time and hassle.  As an unintended consequence not using boxes or crates gives you a “green” move which may in turn earn you USGBC LEED credits.

Unlike boxed files, full access to your important files is still possible with gondolas for transport.  On moving day, Allen & Son will shrink- wrap the gondolas for transport.  As soon as the carts are in your new location, we will cut the shrink-wrap.  You can then transfer your files back into their cabinets, or the carts can be rented and you can use the “AirGlide” system for as long as you need them.    Office moving done poorly is not a bargain at any price; call the pros at Allen & Son Moving for a smooth move.  BBB accredited Office Mover see listing.


If needed our box-less move can become a secure chain of custody relocation assuring you are protected and all your confidential information is safe and secure.  At the end of the day you want a partner that provides pragmatic solutions and does what they say they will do.  At Allen & Son we take great pride in our economy of effort solutions and always delivering more than promised.  Each move is unique.

Moving an office to a new location carries heavy responsibility.  With an office move, there is more than just furniture and equipment at stake.  In dealing with employees and clients, offices are entrusted with sensitive data on a regular basis.  While most companies take precautions to prevent data breaches and identity theft, moving is a prime opportunity for sensitive information to wind up in the wrong hands.

Allen & Son understands this concern, and will make every effort to ensure that private data remains secure, protecting companies from civil and criminal liabilities.  When locating an office, it is important to choose an office mover skilled in data storage and protection.


A strict chain of custody protocol is one of the best ways to protect any company’s sensitive information.  Chain of custody means that your items are documented, packed, loaded and sealed.  Allen & Son Moving and Storage will always know who is handling your items, and the seal will be checked for tampering or damage each time the load is handed off.  This ensures that your materials remain untouched throughout the office move.  The seal is only broken for unloading at your new location.  The secure chain of custody offers added protection in the unlikely and unfortunate event of a data breach.  The office mover can provide answers and a valid defense for the company with clients, the courts, government entities and other interested parties.


Packing boxes or “plastic (plastic boxes) crates” will greatly decrease productivity both on the front end during the packing (when the office shuts down) and at the tail end when the stacked boxes cause the moving hangover.  Plastic crates are really just boxes made of plastic, you get the same stacking issues and you don’t have access to your items once packed.  Why endure all the extra time and work packing when you don’t have to.  Loading a gondola takes a tenth of the time and best of all you have access during the entire process.  Unproductive time costs money and the moving hangover that accompanies boxing or plastic crating which causes aggravation, frustration and will prevent your company from getting back on its feet.  Unless money is no object, stay away from boxes or plastic crates.

Avoid the moving hangover and find an office mover that employs a box-less system.  “Office Gondolas” are easy to load, move quickly with a minimum of effort and can be used immediately upon delivery.  The great thing is the gondolas alone are less expensive than boxes or plastic crates and move more quickly which saves you money.  Because you do not use boxes or plastic crates it is also very GREEN.  Save trees, save money, save hassle, go box-less.  Because lost productivity causes lost dollars at a time when you need more revenue to pay for the new facility.

One of the nicest things about using gondolas is the way in which you can relocate highly confidential material securely using the chain of custody protocol.  Moving with boxes or plastic crates will forever more leave your company open to the possibility that there was in fact a breach during the move.  Using the secure protocol with gondolas becomes your defensible proof that no protected material could have been breached because of the procedures employed.


  • Takes a lot of extra effort packing (costs extra payroll or pay company more)

  • All your books, files, etc. become inaccessible as soon as they are packed (cost revenue or more payroll)

  • Takes much longer to move (costs more, more downtime, more frustration)

  • Eats up trees, bad for the environment, bad for everyone

  • Produces the moving hangover (lost productivity, lost revenue)

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