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Office Moving Services

Office Moving Help

Corporate Moving Services

Allen and Son Moving offers flexibility and personalized office relocation services to meet your needs when it's time to move your office. We follow all COVID 19 Protocols.

We provide office moving services in different sectors like professional offices, retail stores, medical offices, educational facilities, non-profit organizations, healthcare, law firms, banking, government, courts, education, engineering, and research labs.

Professional Office Movers

When is time to move your office, we follow all covid protocols. Allen and Son offer services in different sectors like professional offices, medical offices, education facilities, non-profit organizations. Our office movers will help you declutter your space, recycle, archive, and secure document destruction.

Scheduling an office relocation demands time, planning, and budgeting. If it is a long-distance move, demands to be better at arranging a budget. Office Managers or owners do not want to lose productivity and we know time management and cost-efficiency adds value when moving an office. Downsizing your office can help you optimize your budget. Our responsive crew will handle everything with care.

Before moving an office, our agents will schedule the meetings necessarily before your moving day. We create a checklist with the customer according to their moving needs, including space planning, pre-printed labels, equipment deliveries, pre-move instructional, so we can move your office fast, easy, and efficient. We will viably check the size of the office move and talk about how to best get ready and execute the moving service.

Our staff is CRTS & CRP Certified (Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists, Certified Relocation Professional). We stand out among Baltimore Office Movers and other office relocation companies.



Keep every one of your representatives informed of it when you are arranging moving an office. They need to realize when to pack their office work areas and how they will be required to accommodate business needs. Your representatives are individuals who will spend the longest hours at work.

Decluttering and Labeling:

When moving an office, we advise the business representatives to declutter and organize their belongings in boxes, clear their office space and label each box if needed. In the other hand our office movers will declutter the office space, recycle, archive, and secure document destruction. Labeling guarantees an organized, efficient office moving, and proper organization.


Cleaning up or decluttering before your office move will make you save energy, time, and optimize your budget. You will need less boxes, occupy less room on the moving truck, and furnishing the office will be much easier.


Moving to a new office space is positive for any business. Signifies development, change and a new start. In any case, moving is additionally a very tricky process. Neglecting to plan can make office moving an upsetting fight. The designation of assignments to each mover, having an organized agenda is necessary for a successful moving day.

Loading – transportation – unloading. Office furniture movers are motivated every day with coaching to assembly and disassembly the office space. Our professional movers will care for and respect your belongings when they are installed and make sure all the checklist is completed. 

We can always personalize your moving, with the same expertise as moving homes and relocating places.

1. Prior to Office Relocation:

2 .Office Move Help Coordination: 

3. Office Moving Day:

Office Solutions for the COVID-19 CDC and OSHA Guidelines 

Based on the new CDC and OSHA recommendations, for the office environments, Allen and Son Space Planning Division provides commercial office moving, consultation, design, and logistics.

Office Moving Services
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