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Best Ways to Move Plants Long and Local Distances:

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Let's begin thinking two weeks in advance about moving indoor medium size plants that we have been taking care of for a while. You will need 3.0/Medium size boxes, scissors, tape, newspapers, plastic pots, and some plastic bags.

  1. Please, keep the plants in their current plastic pots or change them if needed. Use plastic bags and tie them at the base of the plant to prevent soil from spilling. Place the plants in open boxes to transport. Fill up all the gaps with paper on the box to avoid the plants from moving and getting damaged.

  2. It is best to plan to move them in a separate vehicle with you. If not, you can place them in the cab of the moving truck to transport the plants.

  3. Regulate the temperature, you want to keep them as stable as possible.

  4. Wrap your plants with newspapers to protect them and keep them warm. Larger house plants may need to be trimmed before the move day.

  5. Avoid exposing plants to harsh wind and direct sunlight.

  6. If you can't take every plant, ask family and friends if they would like a healthy plant in their homes.

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