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May: National Moving Month

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

May: Moving Month
May: Moving Month

It is officially Moving Month! Ever heard of moving month? We are talking about May, the National Moving Month.

May is the beginning of the busiest moving season of the year, summer! Making up the peak season, June, July, and August are the busiest, with May kicking off the big moving season.

May is around the time when the school year wraps up and summer break is in full swing. For seniors graduating from high school and on their way to college, it is the perfect time to get settled into their new dorms. It is also the perfect time for relocating for seasonal work during the summer as well as moving from your old home and into a new one. May is the perfect time to move and make changes.

So before you move, make sure you take some time to sort through your things and decide what’s staying and what’s going. Maybe even have a garage sale to be the deciding factor. Anything you no longer need, someone else might be able to use. Do your research and make sure you find professional movers near you to assist you with your move. With Allen & Son, you can have your home packed up and moved with ease to your new home where they will unpack your belongings for you.

Moving services is not the only business that has an influx of clients during May. Even the home sales have increased during May. Moving into a new home during that time is the perfect time to help children get used to their new neighborhood and prepare for the following school year.

Under the circumstances that May is your month to move, you should find a moving company at least two weeks in advance.

There are many ways to find a moving company in Maryland. The most common is to search on Google by searching for ‘movers near me’ or ‘professional movers’. Once you find a moving company you are interested in using, check user reviews, the company's certifications, and their years of experience.

It is recommended to have a record of the inventory you want to move. And then get a quote with at least three moving companies to have options of which service is more convenient. If you are hesitant about your belongings we recommend you get the right insurance coverage for moving.

A few days before the moving day, it is also recommended to schedule an appointment with the movers to visit the client’s moving location and get to know the client's needs. Based on your needs an estimate will be arranged to establish the terms and conditions of the moving day.

Regardless of weather conditions, families prefer to move during May before the new school year or college season begins. Many families wait for this month or the summer, regardless of weather conditions to move and adapt. Many students also move to other places for summer jobs. The moving company, Allen and Son Moving and Storage, adapts to each customer moving needs regardless of the size of the move.

Why invest in professional movers?

Hiring a professional moving company for your move will simplify the process. Experienced professional movers have built methods to provide safely packing services. Also, they have been trained to provide cost-efficient and professional services. You will have everything on time, protect your health from physical issues, peace of mind, and trust that all your belongings will be safe and on time.

Also, a positive aspect of hiring a professional moving company is to provide clear and good communication along the moving process. Make sure all the questions and doubts are resolved when the estimate is provided and in the next moving stages.

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