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Relocating for College

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Relocation for College
Relocation for College

Graduating from high school is a big step for a young adult, and relocating to a college outside of Maryland, is an even bigger step. It’s a big change and adjustment, as well as taking time. You have to ensure you have enough time to pack and mentally prepare yourself for your next path. May is a month when many changes are anticipated, schools end and it is an eye opener for the summer.

Allen and Son Moving and Storage, one of the best moving companies in Maryland, understands the needs and moving assistance that every student requires. Our structured moving services, equipment, and experience can handle the move efficiently, with no need to worry until everything is completely organized.

Start by going through your room and figure out what you’ll immediately need for college. Could be medication, clothes, laptops or computers for school. Anything that you will be using on a daily basis. Not sure if you do? Simply ask yourself what would happen if you left the item behind. If your daily routine is interfered due to not having the item, you should bring that item with you.

Once you have all the immediate items you will need and placed off to the side for packing, you now have the opportunity to go through the rest of your belongings and decide what you might need or decide what you may have grown out of. This is a perfect way to declutter your room and get rid of things you will no longer use.

Items that you could get rid of are clothes you may have grown out of but were holding onto just in case you would need them one day. Any books you have read and they’re just sitting on a shelf you can easily donate to a library or even a club. Any toys or collectibles you may have grown out of, you can easily sell them at a garage sale or even donate them to an organization. You could even see if any family members or friends would have use for them. Packing for college is a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Waiting later during break from college would only give you work to do rather than allowing you to rest. After separating items from what you will want with you on campus from items you have grown out of, you can start packing!

When you are ready to pack up all you need, make sure you are using the right boxes. Bigger boxes, such as a 4.5 box, will be able to hold clothes and other linen items. This means your clothes, towels, bedsheets can all be packed together in these types of boxes making it easier for moving as well as lighter.

Smaller boxes should be used for heavier objects like kitchenware and small picture frames. Do not overpack these boxes! Overpacking could lead to risks of damaging the box or the items inside.

Most dorms already come furnished, but it never hurts to check with the campus to ensure if furniture will be needed when moving into your dorm. There are some universities that do not necessarily have dormitories but special apartment rental deals for their students. This is usually based on the amount of space and land they have for their campus. Either way, if you are unsure about moving yourself, you can always look into moving companies that will be able to assist you with any type of move.

Allen and Son Moving and Storage would like to assist you in the moving process and are available to Maryland colleges and universities that require assistance with moving services. We also provide our moving services in other states as well. Allen and Son Moving and Storage have professional relocation services and can provide packing and unpacking assistance as well to university staff.

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