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Rouge Movers - Don't Get Scammed

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Avoid Pitfalls:

Once you sign the local or long distance moving contract, you are contractually obligated to keep up your end, which means the research you do on the full-service moving company before that step is critical to your finances.

Read the contract fully, otherwise, like roughly 30 percent of Americans every year, you will be on the hook for something you don't remember discussing but was in the contract the whole time.

Red Flags: Rouge Movers

  1. Finding a Trustworthy Moving Company

  2. Know your Price

  3. D.O.T. Number

  4. Arbitration

  5. Get everything in writing.

  6. Moving Authority is Eliminating Online Moving Scams

  7. Does the Company have an actual address?

  8. Did the Company quote you significantly? Lower than others?

  9. Is there no name on the moving truck?

  10. Did you get everything in writing?

  11. How long has the moving company been in Business?

  12. Take all of these factors into consideration

Does the Moving Company have an actual Address?

Do they answer their phone with a generic "mover"? This is common for rogue movers because they want to stay vague to avoid being found after they pull their scams. All moving companies must have a USDOT number, which is a United States Department of Transportation number that means they are legally registered moving service. This number should be displayed on their website as well as their moving trucks.

Did this company quote you Significantly Lower Than Others?

Do not let the movers take your things on a 'handshake' deal. Legally everything should be in writing, and make sure you have all your paperwork and the companies "moving tariff" which is simply a menu of services and their prices. 

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