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Summer Peak Moving Season

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

With the summer season finally here, we all need to be cautious of the change of weather. Humidity will increase and temperatures will rise. We also should not forget that despite spring now being behind us, thunderstorms will continue throughout the summer. Either way, a move during the summer can be a little tricky and we need to properly prepare ourselves for what trials will be faced during a move in Maryland or a different state.

Something we all should keep track of, and ensure our friends and families do as well, is staying hydrated! Now this does not go for just the summer season, this should be practiced regularly. Your body needs water! However, when it comes to moving during the summer, whether you hire a moving company or decide to move yourself with the help of friends and family, your body is active. Ensure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated, two liters of water is recommended per day. With the heat rising and we are stuck moving furniture or boxes throughout the day, hours upon hours, we might forget to take a break to keep our bodies hydrated during these tasks. It also does not hurt to bring beverages that will also supply you with electrolytes.

During the process of the move, ensure you are also taking breaks. In the summer heat, with the sun beating down on you, there is no doubt you will become exhausted. You might get lightheaded which could lead to dangerous situations during the summer such as passing out or even causing heat strokes. While everyone loves a quick and easy move, a move in the summer can be even more challenging and tiring. So make sure you are taking your time to ensure your own safety during this season. You can always take breaks by swapping out who continues moving while you take a five minute break, or longer if needed. It also does not hurt to take a lunch break either. Take that time to get out of the sun and into some shade, or even air conditioning! You will be able to cool off while also receiving a source of energy to give you a quick recharge to finish the job!

Moves can have time restraints, but rushing a move during the heat is no way to do it. Before you get started with your move for the day, take a moment to check the weather. How warm is it going to be? How humid is it going to be? Is it going to rain? Taking a moment to look up the weather gives you the chance to plan ahead. Pack a cooler with plenty of water. More than likely you are not moving alone and will be having a team with you, so packing a cooler with drinks will benefit everyone. Even if the move is as simple as just moving a few items, the sun is at its prime during the season and that sun will not be easy on you. Make sure you apply some sunblock, or even bring some along with you to apply more later. If the move is long, you can bet you will definitely be getting some sun.

Some other tools that will help you during a move are wearing sunglasses and a hat with a brim. Sunglasses will help keep those UV and blue light rays of the sun out of your eyes, preventing the chance of developing cataracts or further damage to your eyes. As for hats, specifically baseball caps or those with a brim, they too will help keep the sun out of your eyes as well as create some shade for eyes. Not to mention, as this may be quite forgettable, your scalp also needs to be protected from the sun to avoid sunburn.

However, as mentioned before, the summer is also prone to thunderstorms. Check the weather to see if you will be receiving any rain during your move. If you are, and you can not reschedule your move, make sure you have the proper equipment for the move. Umbrellas or raincoats will keep you dry and prevent you from getting colds, even in the summer. Make sure you also wear shoes that are not only safe for moving, but also safe from slipping. Depending on the time of rain shower you get, it will also be safe to decide what can actually be moved during a storm and what should wait until the storm passes. Staying safe is always important when it comes to any type of move.

Another great summer moving tip is the night before the moving day try to turn on the AC in the new place. So when you arrive the following day, it will be relieving when you arrive and start unpacking. Plus, when it’s time to unpack boxes, you’ll feel more comfortable and relieved and avoid putting the unboxing process on hold.

When you do decide to move, make sure you pick professional movers in Maryland that know exactly what to do in the summer season. The best movers in Baltimore will know to take precautions during the heart or a storm, and you will not have to worry about overworking yourself and can focus on relaxing.

Summer Moving Checklist
Summer Moving Checklist

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