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What should you know about moving companies and Florida?

Updated: Jan 29

Moving to Florida

Living in Miami

Living in Florida and Miami

Florida has a rich and intriguing history. Further, the state is environmentally assorted and offers a portion of the country's most wonderful regular settings.

One of Florida's top businesses is the travel industry, and accordingly, the state utilizes over 1,000,000 individuals in the travel industry and friendliness enterprises. Agribusiness is likewise a critical piece of Florida (the state delivers 70's of the US's oranges) culture because of its radiant and warm atmosphere that is ideal for developing oranges, tomatoes, and the sky is the limit from there. In addition, on account of its numerous schools and colleges, Florida likewise has a clamoring university culture numerous occupants love. All in all, Florida has a different and strong economy.

Florida is the lone express that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. All in all, regardless of where you land in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles from a collection of saltwater. Also, if the seashore is not your scene, there are 175 state parks to investigate!

In the interim, Floridians hail from a wide scope of foundations, societies, nationalities, and different backgrounds, making it an unimaginably assorted blend that numerous inhabitants and guests to Florida love.

What to know about hiring movers in Florida?

When it is moving time, having numerous movers’ alternatives in Florida can make the decision process very stressful. Developing the trust, you need to feel calm by learning about the moving service and the companies consume a lot of time. Here are some ideas that can help you make a better decision when the time to choose a moving company arrives:

- What moving help do you expect from a professional moving company in Miami? For example, check on how companies have been responding to COVID-19. The way they have assumed and responded to the CDC government’s guidance and changes they have done to continue working during the pandemic season.

- Check for the company’s recognition or certificates, the years of experience and the different moving services in Miami.

- If you are needing moving help, nowadays, is very easy to find movers in Miami and in Florida with Google. It is always recommended to look at the company’s reviews and guide you with your expectations when is time to decide. Descriptions on reviews always build the image of a product or a service.

- Check the website and see real pictures about the employees, how proper they are and trained they are. Consider visiting the company’s office and look at its equipment and facility.

- Professional moving companies most of the time sends representatives to give you a real estimate and scope out the job.

- If you call the company for an estimate, pay attention on how detailed the information is given by the agent and the questions they ask you to better give you and be precise with an estimate price. The best the moving company can do is to send the seller o agent to the client’s house before the moving day for having a better estimate price. Rates depends on how much needs to be moved, the distance and how much manpower is needed to get the job done.

- Verify the moving company credentials: thirty-three states require in-state to have a federal DOT number. The DOT number is a unique identification number that allows for instant access to a company’s safety information.

Why should you consider Allen and Son when moving to Florida or out of the state?

Allen and Son Moving and Storage is a reliable company with over 20 years of experience in the moving market, now it is one of the best movers in Maryland. Since 1991, it started as a certified moving company in Maryland, family-owned and operated with two generations of moving experience. The company stands out for its dynamic, experienced, and constantly trained employees. With a presence in Maryland, Washington D.C., North Virginia, and now Florida. We do local and interstate moving services.

This company differentiates for having an efficient support service with a genuinely friendly attitude, combined with reasonably prices. This company guarantees you a quick, hassle-free move.

With almost 30 years operating the moving and storage company in Maryland has its fleet of six tractor trailers, 10 large trailers, eight trucks and four vans idled for the first time in years. Ending 2020, the company has new horizons in its sights, like setting up a new office in Miami and expanding their services over there. The president affirms that there is an enormous amount of opportunity in residential moving services in the Miami area. Our goal is to become one of the best Florida movers. 

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