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What the Moving Company Needs You to Do

communication between client and movers
What does the moving company need you to do?

Moving can be a long and difficult task, and it is always helpful when you have hired a moving company to make the move stress free for yourself. However, you need to prepare for your move before the movers do arrive. So what should you do to make this move easy for the movers as well? Well, we have a few suggestions that can better prepare yourself for your next move!


Pack ahead for the moving company and label your boxes! In case you do choose a moving company that does not assist you in packing, take an inventory of your items that will be moving and purge items that you no longer want or need.

In the process of removing unwanted items, and packing away the items you do want, it is best to keep the home, or office, nice and tidy. When the movers come in ensure that entrances and exits are clear of boxes. Keep the boxes to the side away from popular areas of foot traffic.


In the process of taking inventory of your items, it would benefit you greatly if you took pictures of your items so you know exactly what you had at the start of the move, and what you should have by the end of the moving process. Keep in mind, if you are moving and have valuables such as jewelry, electronics, or any item that is important to you and you are afraid it will be displaced during the move, keep them in your personal vehicle so you know exactly where the items are after the move.

Mover’s Policy

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the moving company’s policy. If you choose to move with Allen & Son Moving and Storage, you have the option of having the crew come out and pack your items for you in a neat and organized process given by your directions. Other companies may not offer the same service. Moving companies will also need to know if they have permission to park in certain areas, like at apartment complexes or company parking lots. The moving company will need permission to park prior to the moving day to ensure they will not be forced to move from their spot that may interrupt the move.


Communicate with the company and your movers! Prior to the movers arriving at your home, when you are initially setting up the move date, be sure to go over what time the movers will be arriving and any other directions you will need to provide to the movers in order to make the move quick and efficient. This also goes for when they arrive at your home, do not leave them. While they will be doing all the heavy lifting it is best to stick around to ensure nothing is left behind and you can remind the movers where certain items need to go whether a box goes into the moving truck or if a box is going into your own vehicle for safekeeping. It also helps in case there is an accident, you are on scene to communicate how to handle the situation. Also, try to avoid changing the plans upon their arrival. If you need to change the time of your move or need a bigger truck, call ahead of time so the movers can accommodate you! It is also good to keep in contact in case weather impacts your move.


Keep pets and animals away from the move! Even if an animal is minding their own business, chances are they may be resting in a very awkward spot that may be in the way of foot traffic for the movers. There is also a chance that pets may act up with all the excitement and start barking or even jumping on the movers, it would be best to keep the animals away during the time being. It is also unreasonable to assume movers may not be allergic to your furry friends.


Just like your pets, be sure to keep young children away too! There is a chance any children in the household will not know what is going on. There is also a chance they might cause way more commotion that you may already have to deal with between the conversations of the movers and yourself. It would be best to drop them off at a family member or a friend’s home.


Make sure you are prepared for your payment! Depending on the moving company, you may be paying the day of the move through the movers, or you may be paying ahead in advance. Do not stiff the payment! With Allen & Son Moving and Storage, we can take half the payment prior to the day of the move, and after the move has been completed the rest of the move will be required to be paid off.


Be sure to tip your movers! Tips are not always expected, let alone required. If you do not have any cash, think about providing some refreshments for your movers. Moving is no easy task and providing them with a beverage or a snack will not only help them feel appreciated but will also help provide them with energy to finish your move.

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