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Why Community Building is Important

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

As we have clients demanding the need to simplify their lives with a moving service, they search for the most cost-efficient and time-efficient service; and we also learned the importance of “giving back” by providing excellent moving experience and customer service. In doing so, we learned the importance of cooperating and giving back for good causes.

For the above mentioned, we believe in the importance of building community relationships by cooperating, having common interests, in the process of meeting a goal. It is not pretending to seek someone’s benefit, but having a group working in one same direction. Community building is when a group of people and organizations (community) with common needs and interests gather, develop a sense of belonging, where everybody benefits from each other. When we think about how civilizations started, it all began with large population centers, where there was a sense of economy that was based in trades and cooperation.

Most of the time it can be challenging to build community, not everyone is willing to share or participate in it. Sometimes it depends upon each individual interest, other times it is about how much time and money an organization or person is willing to donate or volunteer. Other interests exist like marketing or growing your network, or encountering positive opportunities through the relationships you develop, but those should be secondary things. We consider that the most important in community building is the willingness to help and become a leader by creating and participating in activities that will benefit others. Community is developed with organizations or people working for the good of others, willing to help to benefit large groups of people.

What are all the benefits of building a community?

New relationships are born, and others become stronger. Neighbors begin talking to neighbors. The connections we structure with others are crucial to our psychological, enthusiastic prosperity, to strengthen our immune system and our endurance. Therefore, relationships are very important.

Purpose begins to unfold, companies will start working in alignment with their ‘Why’ or Vision, or new ‘whys’ can begin to develop. The social cooperation experienced affects positively your psychological and actual well-being.

Communities are also formed when people share common interests, or when they are trying to solve a common problem. Individuals meeting up and voicing one assessment is a lot stronger than one performance voice remaining alone.

During the last years we have participated with the organization Move for Hunger, motivating our clients to donate their non-perishable food, and we have provided them support to relocate the food with our moving services. Last December 2020, we helped the organization The Baltimore Hunger Project in a Christmas activity, moving 400 pounds of food in donations that were transported to another organization in charge of mitigating childhood hunger.

We would like that people feel motivated by contacting us, whenever they are needing moving help or moving services. We are always happy to participate, willing to build, help, and have an active role in the community.

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