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Why Declutter Before the New Year?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Declutter before Moving
Declutter before Moving

New Year's Eve is a perfect moment to think about decluttering your place. You can think about it like getting ready for a new start, a new beginning, or a new cycle in your life. There are different reasons why eliminating material and nonmaterial things, that no longer serves you, can have a positive impact in your life. Planning to relocate somewhere else, you can move your belongings in less time and increase efficiency-thus minimizing stress and frustration associated with your move.

Let us begin with:

The clothing we never wear: people are used to hanging onto things forever in their closets, because they think they might wear them again one day. Chances of wearing them are scarce, and in the end, once you donate or give these clothes away, you won't miss them anymore.

The files, service bills, or papers that can be thrown away toward the end of the year. Most of them are papers that we do not need or require. If you fear that you might need them one day, you can always scan or take a digital photograph and archive them.

Books you no longer read. Give or donate them wisely to people that might need them or help them in some way.

Pictures or paintings you do not want to see, or any item that you feel that doesn't belong to the present moment any more.

Some plants especially the big ones will not survive a long-distance move. If you are planning to move, think about giving them to someone that will take care of them.

From the Kitchen, look at what no longer serves you. Donate non – perishable food or food close to expiration to your local Food Bank.

Decluttering also improves your mindset and your goals. It leaves space for the new and gets rid of blockages and stagnated energy. For the Feng Shui minded people, this will bring new intentions and balance in life.

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