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Relocation Support Services


1. Conduct home visit to complete a relocation survey to assess the property that will need special attention on move day i.e. medical equipment i.e. hospital,  oxygen or furniture.

2. Assist property manager with the move schedule in preparation for renovations.

3. Prepare and conduct moving seminar which will outline the moving and renovation process at least 30 days prior to the move.  It will also include what can be expected of the movers/relocation specialist and what we expect of the resident.

4. The relocation specialist will conduct routine home visits to assess the packing progress to ensure the unit will be ready on move day.

5. Move Day - Accompany the movers while the resident's property is being moved to the permanent/temporary location to address any issues.

Phase No. 1: Residents survey

Phase No. 2: Scheduling Moves With Management

Phase No. 3: Moving Seminar (30 Days Prior To Move Day)

Phase No. 4: Home Visits (Check Packing Progress)

Phase No. 5: Move Day

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Why should you choose us?


  1. Over 20 years experience in Community Apartment Renovation (Real State Relocation Specialist)

  2. Our staff is CRTS & CRP Certified (Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists, Certified Relocation Professional)

  3. We are a corporate relocation specialist that have work with major developers and contractors. 

  4. Our Relocation support services have moved over 3,000 residents successfully

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