Road Trip Moving Tips

Something about the term ‘Road Trips’ has always seemed to bring excitement to individuals. It is a way to travel and see the world. Road Trips mixed with moving though, not so ideal and can cause an unnecessary amount of stress if you are moving on your own.

Depending if you are moving and packing on your own, or with friends and family, things can always go wrong. For instance, a fragile item getting shattered, or a piece of furniture getting nicked on the corner. And when all things are said and done, the U-Haul moving truck is packed up and you are ready to hit the road, realization of just how long the drive hits. Could be an hour, and it could be several hours, maybe even days.

So, what can you do to make that drive just a little more bearable?

For starters, traveling with a friend or family member will be extremely useful. With someone in the car or the U-Haul truck with you, whichever you are choosing to drive, holding a conversation will keep you awake and focused on the topic, as well as driving. Your road trip buddy will also be in charge of navigating. Made a wrong turn? No worries, that is what the navigator is there for, to get you back on track and make the stress-free move.

If you happen to be driving solo, try to bring music to listen to, or even try listening to new music. While you can listen to your own music, listening to a song may get repetitive, and while you may enjoy it, there could be a chance it will make you feel calm and relaxed, and might even put you to sleep. Listening to new music makes your mind wonder and think about just what you are listening to. That is why it is also suggested to listen to audio books and podcasts. When you are listening to an audio book, you are trying to figure out what will happen next in the story rather than giving into sleep. Listening to Podcast is almost as if someone else is in the car with you, they can be fun to listen to, or like the audio book, can be mysterious and make the gears in your head turn resulting in keeping you awake.

Before you do get to driving on your trip, it is best to schedule breaks. Not just restroom breaks, but when you are going to stop for food and stretch your legs just in case you did not bring food along. When you do take your break, make sure you have, or purchased a lock for your truck. If you rent a truck from a moving truck rental company in Baltimore, for example, chances are they do not come with a lock and you fall into the trap of purchasing a lock with said company, and most of the time they are insanely overpriced and obscure. Using such locks are not exactly easy when it comes to reusing them for other tasks. In the end, you are just putting more money into their pockets. If you are driving by yourself, it will be tricky to leave the truck unsupervised, but if you have someone riding with you the two of you can switch off on who watches the truck.

When it comes to starting your moving road trip adventure, it is best to get a good night’s rest before the big drive. When moving, driving with the improper amount of sleep can be very dangerous, especially driving alone. If you do not get enough sleep, you should try to push back the drive a day or try starting later in the day. When you start your drive, make sure to contact a family member or friend so they can estimate how long it will take for you to arrive to your destination. A trip from Florida to Maryland is usually thirteen hours, depending on traffic and construction, the trip can take longer. Driving straight through can be difficult, so if you ever feel tired, pull over. You can take a quick break from driving by stopping at a Guest Center. If you happen to be traveling from Orlando, Florida to Baltimore, Maryland, taking route 95 will keep you on a straight track and will have multiple Guest Centers after crossing each state line. If you miss the Guest Center, you can always stop somewhere for a meal. If a small break does not work for you, think about stopping to rest at a hotel or motel. Keep an eye out for those blue signs! They’ll show you lodging suggestions, along with food and gas!

Still don’t feel comfortable about a moving road trip?

That is okay! Doing research on moving companies will take up some time, but Baltimore moving company, Allen & Son Moving and Storage Inc., are very flexible with time. They are professional movers and have the experience with inter-state moving and long and local distance moving. The movers are constantly trained for packing services, they’ll load up the truck, transport your belongings and unload your items with their moving services provided.

They will ensure all your items are packed correctly and safely, including take precautions when it comes to upholstered furniture. All the drivers at Allen & Son are licensed and certified to transport your items in a professional manner. Their moving trucks also come with a suspension system with air ride protection to keep the moving service nice and smooth and ensure all your items arrive in perfect condition. When it comes to unloading, Allen & Son rely on communication and answer your requests when it comes to which labeled boxes or furniture should go. This isn’t a quick move-in and drop off task. This is a professional moving company that takes their time to ensure their client is pleased with their work. Best part, they are always expanding and now will have a stress free moving company in Miami, Florida!

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