Tips for Covid Awareness

The pandemic has been in a constant loop. Just when we think things are getting better, things turn for the worst. That does not mean we should give up the fight. We need to continue being mindful and aware of this virus. We need to continue to take precautions to help ourselves and others.

While the mask mandate has mostly been lifted, many counties and other locations have reinstated the mask mandate. Despite this change, there are many places that still excuse individuals from wearing the mask. If for whatever reason you do not feel comfortable going into a location without a mask, then please continue wearing your mask. You are still providing protection and should never find a reason to feel pressured to remove your mask in a location that does not require masks. This way, others in the establishment are aware that you are still taking the covid awareness seriously and will provide you with some distance. Try to keep extra masks in your car or bag when traveling, that way, if you ever lose your mask, you will always have a spare. It can also be beneficial if you are traveling with someone and they may have forgotten their mask, so you will be able to provide them with one.

Getting vaccinated has been playing a crucial role during this pandemic. The vaccination initially meant that individuals would no longer have to wear masks in public areas, including transportation. However, now that the virus has evolved, masks are being reinstated. This does not mean the vaccine is useless, no, but it does help fight off the virus. There are individuals who have gotten the vaccine that still caught Covid, but the symptoms have lessened. Granted, symptoms are truly different from one individual to another. Some get a fever and chills, others might not even feel any different. The point is, the vaccine is helping, it is protecting us. Refusing to get the vaccine for reasons like being afraid of needles no longer matters at this point. There are plenty of individuals around the world with Trypanophobia that have taken it upon themselves to try and overcome their fear in order to try and bring back some normalcy into their lives again. People miss going out and spending time with friends and family, so they get the vaccine to help themselves and to help others.

Along with wearing the masks and getting vaccinated, we should still be keeping our distance from others. Personal boundaries have always been something we should all be mindful of. These days those boundaries are just a little bit bigger, and we should respect that, even now. The pandemic is changing, just like Covid, we should still keep the common courtesy of distancing ourselves from strangers to not only make ourselves feel comfortable but the others as well. We do not know if that stranger has any health problems, and us risking stepping into their personal boundary, within those six feet, we do not know what we are risking to them. Respect their space.

Hand sanitizer is no longer limited to a big bottle that sits on a counter that you share with the whole office. There is a travel size! You can get hand sanitizer from just about anywhere now, and thankfully we now have access to more products compared to when we were first dealing with this pandemic. If you are no longer working from home now, since some companies have been returning to the office, looking into getting some hand sanitizer for your desk or even carrying a small bottle with you is super simple and will fight off the germs. Any public object you touch, you should always clean your hands by either washing them or using that trusty hand sanitizer. It is also not just helpful to use hand sanitizer but to sanitize door knobs, handles, even workstations. At Allen & Son Moving and Storage, we continue sanitizing our trucks to ensure we are protecting not only the staff and movers, but the clients as well.

Above all, every individual should follow protocols provided not only by officials but employees of establishments. Say for example a coffee shop requires a mask upon entry, but the county does not require masks to be worn, respect the establishment and its workers. These individuals are trying to keep their clientele safe, as well as themselves. There is no need to fight, it is all for the greater good of our nation and its people.

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