Why do People Move during COVID?

The days of COVID-19 have been an eye opening event. Most of the warnings had started off as jokes, never taken seriously. As the days progressed, and the covid cases had reached the United States, the fear had begun to set in. Many individuals did not know what to expect if they were to get the illness. For some, symptoms were quite similar to the flu, but for others, it was quite more serious than that. Either way, it affected everyone and their day to day tasks such as working and practically living. Surprisingly and shockingly, different behaviors in society started to emerge and change, for instance: the home office modality, homeschooling for kids, online shopping and groceries. The impact on the economy was one of the most notable changes during the pandemic.

So why did so many people move?

There are a few reasons as to why so many people moved and started looking for reliable moving companies during this pandemic. For students, many campuses closed down, including the dormitories, which resulted in students moving back home for the time being. For most of the universities, there was never a solid date given to students about when school would go back into session on campus, so the best strategy was to close the dorms as well, which also helped minimize the possible cases of Covid.

For the individuals and families that were not involved with the campus lifestyle, they had other reasons for moving. More space was one of the key reasons. Those who lived in big cities ended up moving to more suburban areas. Within the largely populated cities, such as New York City, the virus spread fast, sending citizens in a moving flurry. It is safe to say families did not want to risk their safety and help to continue living in a populated city and moved elsewhere. According to ABC News, there have been “Tens of thousands of New Yorkers” that have moved to Florida for that said space they are looking for.

Money also was one of the main reasons why so many people moved during the pandemic. The virus hit the whole world hard, and it shook everyone, including the United States. So many businesses were affected by the pandemic. Many briefly closed while so many small businesses shut down completely. Only grocery stores could stay open in order for necessities to be sold while small businesses could barely stay afloat, and even then had limited store hours.

Even employees of businesses were dealing with the fall out. While businesses were closing, others were cutting back on their employees in order to save their business. Doing so made many individuals lose their way to support themselves, as well as their family. While those who were affected by the loss of their job had the support of Unemployment Benefits, the employment status came as a shock and the lack of salary coming in interfered with paying for housing, resulting in the process of moving. Some may have moved south like Florida due to low taxes, or others may have moved north to stay with family during this traumatic event.

The first three months from the lockdown were very challenging for many moving companies in Maryland, especially for Allen and Son Moving and Storage. The moving company responded well to all the Covid-19 protocols based on the CDC and OSHA recommendations. The office was equipped with hand sanitizer stations, temperature checks of their employees, requiring masks to be worn, and implemented cleaning protocols after each moving service. The company adapted new strategies to increase their sales and venture in the digital world, with a new website and took advantage of social media to communicate and be known. They found new opportunities with all the moving tendencies, and now they are expecting to open a new office in Florida.

Moving services may have experienced an increase of clients and jobs, which has been beneficial to moving companies, allowing them to stay afloat during these times. No matter the reason for the move, it is safe to say we are seeing a positive turn when it comes to Covid. We should all continue our upkeep with the use of hand sanitizer stations, wearing masks in close places, and take precautions when traveling or moving until the pandemic is declared to have ended.

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