Why is the millennial generation (25-40 years) moving to small towns?

Why is the millennial generation (25-40 years) moving to small towns?

Within the human condition, change is always constant and manifests itself in different ways. In a more globalized and digitized world, it is more common to find people migrating or moving to experience life in different places. For example, we have detected a moving tendency within the millennial generation (25 to 40 years). They are now wanting to move to small towns and experience a different lifestyle than in metropolitan areas. Moving companies are experiencing high demands, and there is an increasingly competitive market in terms of price, efficiency, and quality of service. Allen and Son Moving and Storage has 30 years of experience, and now competes and ranks among the best moving companies in Maryland.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the moving experience to rural areas. People started working from home and decided to leave their apartments to look for more space in the countryside. We can tell that a high demand in moving services increased with people moving out from New York City, and people moving to Florida and Miami.

COVID-19 triggered this moving tendency, but still, young people are moving to small towns and have found rural areas or suburbs attractive to live in. After some research and inquiry from our customers, we found the following reasons:

  • The routine in big cities can be energy-consuming and tiring. Each big city has a different pace. In general, traffic is always saturated, and people spend a lot of time in their cars or public transportation.

  • Cost of living has always been expensive in big cities, and the average size of the places don’t count with a lot of space.

  • Big cities have a fast pace of living. Most people are always thinking about what is coming next.

  • Millennials are finding more opportunities to open a business in small towns, also they want to take care of their families and loved ones.

  • Raising kids is expensive in big cities, especially when thinking about private schools.

  • Affordable Housing moves at lower rates in small communities or towns. Property taxes are lower too.

  • Big cities tend to be more polluted and contaminated. Young people are looking to improve their quality of life conditions, breathe fresh air. They are also more nature conscious, and they know the benefit of living close to it.

  • Millennials don’t care as much about eating out in restaurants. With digital channels and cooking lessons, young people are looking to create and cook at home their own meals. They feel more like wanting to innovate and do it on their own.

  • After the pandemic, remote jobs are more common and being offered.

Technology has accelerated many industries, including the moving industry. At Allen and Son Moving and Storage we understand that a moving service requires a high level of trust and expertise. Young people are looking for professional movers and local movers, where they can use technology like apps to easily request a moving service, including expert hands that can take care of their belongings.

With Allen and Son Moving and Storage, any customer can request an online quote for a local or interstate moving service. We also offer the option to do estimates based on a video call, pictures from the house size, bedrooms, their belongings, and we are able to calculate the time and price from the moving service.

We can conclude that the main reason why millennials choose to live in small towns is because of finances. Also they have found a more relaxed, easy lifestyle, where they have prioritized health and peace over a fast pace way of living in the big cities.

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